Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The Guardian: In your book 100 you talk about turning as much of your life into art as possible. For example, you would take a route to your fishing spot that, when sketched on a map, showed the outline of a fish. Another example would be the fact that this very question will end up as part of a sculpture. Is it important to be so conscious of these pieces of art or do you think every day people are creating their own art works without even realising?

Bill Drummond (KLF): It may be a form of OCD or just an attempt to give life more meaning than it seems to have, but as far back as I can remember I have had a habit of trying to create patterns in the games that I played or the things that I was doing. In my childhood this could be climbing 10 different trees before the sun passed the spire of the parish church or walking out the shape of a square on the map of our town when going to the shops and back to get the messages for my mum. I was never that interested in organised games or religion because someone else had already worked out what all the patterns were. Using a word such as ritual may be too loaded for my liking, but I guess it is from these motivations in us that ritual is born.

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