Sunday, April 29, 2012

Modern Ghosts / Ghosts of Today

"Once Marcus manages to secure an LP that contains the killer's lullaby, Professor Giordani recommends that Marcus read "Ghosts of Today and Legends of the Modern Age," by Amanda Righetti. Sitting inside an unusually spacious library chamber, Marcus reads from the book's first chapter ("The House of the Screaming Boy") and comes across a ghoulish tale of ghostly wails and haunting lullabies. Marcus believes this is a clue and begins to search for the house pictured inside the book. Amanda Righetti is about to pay the price for transcribing the killer's dangerous past. Stepping into her country house, she notices a toy baby hanging from a rope. Perturbed though not quite scared senseless, Amanda decides to stay inside her home. Soon the lights go out and Amanda's precious birds turn against her." Description from the plot of Deep Red (Profondo Rosso), dir. Dario Argento, 1975.

The Dunwich Horror

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interview with Zeena

VICE: Do you remember the first days of Satanism or was that before your time? 
Zeena Schreck: My father was experimenting with various gimmicks: holding Friday-night lectures he referred to as the “magic circle,” hosting burlesque shows with strippers dressed up as witches and vampires, but nothing that was necessarily “Satanic.” He had a pet lion he would take around with him on the streets of San Francisco, so he really was doing whatever he could to market himself locally. It wasn’t until a publicist wrote a story about him that referred to him as the “first priest of Satan” that he got the idea he could start his own religion. It was very similar to the way L. Ron Hubbard started Scientology, and the same way all of these cults spring up in California. My mother was mortified because she just wanted to be like the Addams Family, but it all took off so quickly and spun very much out of his control. 
Did you interact with his initial followers? What were they like? 
He had followers who took things very seriously and genuinely believed in this entity Satan and not so much in Anton LaVey’s idea of Satanism. As it turns out, he wasn’t very knowledgeable on the subject and, in essence, created a postmodern version of Satanism as he went along. It was a manifestation of his ego.
Did he fully know what he was getting into?  
He was very confused, and as a result, so are the inheritors of the church. He’s been accused of being a con man—which is accurate—but he wasn’t a very efficient one. He was lazy and never planned for the future or looked after his family because that is the nature of LaVeyan Satanism: Get what you can, live only in the here and now, care only about yourself, and get other people to care for you. It’s like you’re one big infant.

Full interview at Vice Magazine

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Psychic TV Ecstasy Mix

Money for e
Meet Every Situation Head On (DJ Jackmaster Tab Fitness Mix)
A Short sharp taste ov mistres
Tune In (Turn On The Acid House) (Special Chicago Mix)
Coinci (Dance Mix)
Horror House
Psyche Out
Liquid Eyeliner
Only Human

Produced by The Ecstasy Blog

Christian Flamm, Margarite Jakschik at Karin Guenther

Banks Violette - Gladstone Gallery 2007

Exhibition Book: BANKS VIOLETTE With Stephen O'Malley. Text by Neville Wakefield. Cologne 2008. Published by Team Gallery, Gladstone Gallery, Walter Konig
Includes 12" vinyl: 6 ยบ Fskyquake, written and produced by Stephen O'Malley, 2007

Banks Violette: Vinyl Aesthetics

Crystallus - Phase Two: Nucleation

From the Shiny Sorceress belly blood crystals have fallen to Earth They are now lost within Earths cold crust. Matter is multiplying itself. The air is becoming saturated. The thickness of minerals that mingle under the Earth are starting to be sucked away. The saturation is becoming thicker and thicker. The process of crystallization has started to take place. It is starting to take over matter. Everything is undergoing crystallization. It is beautiful but it is suffocating. It will trap her within an infinite reflection of herself. Wandering in the landscape she looks for the shard broken off from The Shiny Sorceresses' belly.

Crystallus video piece by Katherine Anne Bauer. Currently on display at NYU Deutsches Haus.