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Inspired by a friend's great-grandmother who regularly hid a mirror under her blouse to ward off evil spirits, Jung wanted to create a collection based on the idea of controlling one's own well-being through the power of deflection. Brooklyn-based Jung took the concept of self-protection one step further, selecting a circle as the central shape running through her collection because it has been a symbol of defense throughout history in various cultures. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Jahiliyya Fields .: Water Breaker :.
Video from the album "Unicursal Hexagram" (L.I.E.S. 011) 2xlp
Out now on Long Island Electrical Systems
Image + Sound: Jahiliyya Fields
starring: Lili Schulder (51717) Joshua Anzano Rossana Diaz Misha Gill Lenin Solano
crew: Carla Bobrowicz Steve Cossman Andrew Biscontini
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Kenneth Anger Anger Me

Watch this while the link is still up. Full documentary on Kenneth Anger. Thanks Joe.


Bulwer Lytton was a novelist and playwright, a dandy, a politician, and eventually a Baron. He is supposed to have been initiated into a German Rosicrucian order, and to have been in the Orphic Circle, a London group that used child clairvoyants. Dickens and Disraeli were his friends, but they didn't follow his arcane interests. For instance, they weren't with him when French occult author and ceremonial magus Eliphas Levi, in Lytton's presence, evoked the spirit of the Greek Neopythagorean philosopher Apollonius of Tyana on a London rooftop. Zanoni is a description of initiations by one who has evidently passed through them. It is famous for introducing the themes of the "Dweller on the Threshold" who tries to block the aspirant's path, and the "augoeides" or luminous self.

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your little fingers

John Waters: Now the cursed air, UNTITLED (A CURSE). I think Hudson told me that when you ship it, you have to leave a space for the air, is that true?

Tom Friedman: Yeah.

JW: I love that. Was it a good witch or a bad witch?

TF: I found her through an occult bookstore, which was a very bizarre experience. One person that I called to ask to do this said, “If you affect, you will burn your little fingers.” I said, “What?” and she said, “If you affect, you will burn your little fingers.”

JW : What does that mean?

TF : I don’t know. I asked her what that meant and she said it again. So I figured I better hang up the phone.

Untitled - A Curse

Tom Friedman. Untitled - A Curse (1992)

An 11 inch sphere of space floating 11 inches above the top of a pedestal cursed by a witch. 133.4 x 28 x 28 cm

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Altars of Desire


speed of life


Yeah I'm into the occult i'm a necromancer. Besides I have fun with other members I work with the occult.

Devious info
Interests: Cult Like Men, Big Cops, Sex Magick, Magic, Necromancy, Books
Favourite genre of music: Metal Heavy
Favourite poet or writer: Hp Lovecraft
Favorite photographer: Myself
Favourite style of art: Anime, Nudes, Goth
Skin of choice: Pale
Personal Quote: Your Life Isn't Written in Stone Its Made Up of A Glass and Sand
Skype: mistressofsex


byss and abyss

Sun and Steel

Sun and Steel: His Personal Testament on Art, Action and Ritual Death. Yukio Mishima, 1968

Mishima: A Vision of the Void. Marguerite Yourcenar, 2001

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drone oracle

RA interviews Stephen O'Malley of SunnO)))


The Guardian: In your book 100 you talk about turning as much of your life into art as possible. For example, you would take a route to your fishing spot that, when sketched on a map, showed the outline of a fish. Another example would be the fact that this very question will end up as part of a sculpture. Is it important to be so conscious of these pieces of art or do you think every day people are creating their own art works without even realising?

Bill Drummond (KLF): It may be a form of OCD or just an attempt to give life more meaning than it seems to have, but as far back as I can remember I have had a habit of trying to create patterns in the games that I played or the things that I was doing. In my childhood this could be climbing 10 different trees before the sun passed the spire of the parish church or walking out the shape of a square on the map of our town when going to the shops and back to get the messages for my mum. I was never that interested in organised games or religion because someone else had already worked out what all the patterns were. Using a word such as ritual may be too loaded for my liking, but I guess it is from these motivations in us that ritual is born.

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Mantus Iberius Daemonium: Six string occult citar
Tanngrisnir Imperator Ignis: Six string celtic harp
Langsuyar Tenebrarum Rex: Dramatic, erudit vox and passioned metaphors
Neophytus Lupus Maris: Ethnic and tragic ambience keys
Nisroth de Occulta Fraternitatis: Traditional, classical and vile percussions
Tetragrammaton Tremendae Majestatis: Four string arabid 'ud

French Tissues

..."fascinating stereo cards, which were made exclusively in France, beginning in the 1860s, and continuing on until around 1900. The cards, called 'Diableries' (which translates roughly as 'Devilments') depict a whole imaginary underworld, populated by devils, satyrs and skeletons which are very much alive and, for the most part, having fun. The cards are works of art in themselves, and are known as FRENCH TISSUES, constructed in a special way to enable them to be viewed (in a stereoscope) illuminated from the front, for a normal 'day' appearance in monochrome, or illuminated from the back, transforming the view into a 'night' scene"

 [London Stereoscopic Company]

Occult Academy