Sunday, October 30, 2011


Preparation of the Self:
1. Decide the time for the Ritual to commence.
2. Abstain from excessive eating or any sexual activity for the duration of 12 hours.
3. Refrain from sleep for the same duration.
4. During the Final Hour before the ritual is to take place, speak to no one.
5. At the beginning of this Hour of Silence, physically cleanse yourself through bathing.
6. Five minutes before the start of the ritual don your “Psychic Cloak” and be ready to begin at the striking of the Hour.
As You Begin:
Lay out the Rope
Light the Altar Candle
Begin with the LBRP
Light The Incense
Perform the Sign of the Rending of the Veil while calling out the Arcane Admitting Password
Announce the Purpose of the Call
Call out the Names of the Planets you represent
Say: “Admit me and do my bidding as I command.”
Knock upon the Altar 7 times
Firmly state your desire using clear and concise language
Finally, begin to quietly recite the Mantram placing the same emphasis on each syllable with eyes closed while visualizing the desire having already been carried out.
After approximately five minutes of recitation, proceed to the Dismissal:
“I Thank thee, Cosmic Powers

The Ritual is done.

All Forces, Entities, and Energies

Shall go about their business

Until again I call.

In the Ultimate Name,

Go in peace to do My bidding.

So Mote it Be”
Perform the Sign of the Closing of the Veil
Close your eyes, Say: “Fare Thee Well, All.”
With this, the Ritual is completed.

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